Best Trout Fishing Rod of 2020

When it comes to trout, the game is not the same as with most of the other fishes. This fish has got some brains, and when you do finally manage to catch it, they put their heart and soul in getting rid of that damn hook! Fishing for trout is almost as exciting as it can get if you’re looking for a good sport and challenge!

Hence, catching a trout depends a lot on your technique and strategy. However, don’t mistake it for the fact that you would undoubtedly need the perfect fishing rod to do the job as well. Thus, when it boils down to the kind of fishing rods that would be the most suited for fishing trouts, we recommend spinning rods. And that’s what we have shortlisted here just for you: the 5 best trout fishing rod.

Apart from product reviews, their pros, and cons, you would also find a buyer’s guide for tips and tricks as to how to search for the perfect spinning rod for fishing trouts, and exactly what factors you have to keep in mind where catching trouts is concerned. Let us help you by bringing to you the chosen few out of the haystack available in the market in 2020.

5 Best Trout Fishing Rods: Product Reviews

Here are the top 5 fishing rods we have shortlisted for trout fishing just for you:

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

best trout fishing rod

This spinning rod from the trusted St. Croix is the example of a perfect balance between strength and sensitivity. It has a length of six and a half feet, which is the perfect length in our opinion. This rod also has good casting length. The power and control this rod has are such that you don’t have to put much of an effort in reeling in the fish.

Because of the fast action, you get good sensitivity at the tip and you will be able to feel even the smallest of vibrations. This rod has a medium weight which goes a long way in balancing power and flexibility. The mechanism of the rod is such that it gives just enough space around the hook for the fish to get caught and then it is dragged in. 

The rod handles are made of good quality cork that provides a good grip and hold. To pair a reel with the rod, we recommend you go for the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel that not only has good cranking action but also is highly durable.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Good sensitivity
  • Made with the strong SCII graphite with guides made of aluminum oxide
  • Casting is long
  • Suitable for use with different kinds of bait


  • Warranty is not satisfactory

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod

Fenwick is one of the most trusted brands that has been around for over 60 years, crafting and perfecting the art of making fishing gear. Though this rod is not at par with other rods in terms of action and light weight, it has an amazing build and quality that you would absolutely love.

The Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod comes with B2 burled cork that is far more durable than other cork materials available. As a result you can keep using this rod for long hours of fishing. The Fenwick Eagle spinning rod is made up of graphite, which makes it strong and lightweight. The guides are made of stainless steel and hence are corrosion resistant. The stainless steel material also keeps the weight light and increases the shelf life of the rod. 

According to us the best pick for a reel to combine with this fishing rod is the Pflueger President Spinning Reel. This spinning reel features 9 stainless steel ball bearing system that gives you a smooth experience and you can reel in your caught fish with not much of an effort. The rotor and body of this fishing rod are made of graphite, hence it goes without saying that graphite makes these parts durable and strong. Moreover, it also keeps the rod lightweight and comfortable to hold on to.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Great tip sensitivity
  • Great balance


  • The joint where 2 parts of the rod combine is not strong

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik is one of the most trusted brands in fishing that anglers have relied on for years and years now. One of the biggest advantages of Ugly Stik rods is that you need little to no effort to start fishing even if you have negligible fishing experience.

This spinning rod has a length of 5 feet, which is perfect for trout fishing. Since the rod is lightweight, it gets ultra-sensitive when the fish gets hooked on the line. Because of the sensitivity you feel even the minutest of vibrations. The body of the rod is made with composite graphite, which gives it the property of being strong yet lightweight. 

The Ugly Stik Elite also comes with Clear Tip so that it remains trustworthy with anglers for years. The cork handle is made in such a way that you feel comfortable holding it for long hours of fishing. You can also rely on that handle on keeping up while a struggling trout is trying to fight away. The cap at the end is rigid and stiff, yet it is soft enough for you to take its support while you try to drag your next catch to the deck.

The line guides are made of stainless steel that not only contributes to the strength but also makes the fishing experience smooth for you. This rod is long casting and the property of it being lightweight is advantageous for the tip sensitivity. This property of the rod being sensitive becomes a plus for you because this way you can feel each and every fish that tries to latch on to the lure of your fishing rod.

This spinning rod from Ugly Stik is also trustworthy because it features cushioned stainless steel hoods that come with blank style reel seats. The top grip is tapered that ensures that a wide variety of reels can be paired with this rod, leaving you with the freedom of using this fishing rod with almost all kinds of fishing reels that you have in your arsenal. 

Despite this fishing rod being budget friendly, you can be rest assured that there won’t be any compromise on the quality. The Ugly Stik Elite Rod packs a punch in a small budget. In our opinion you can pair this rod with the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line that will give you a great casting and a good action. It will also provide a negligible stretch so that it becomes a little easier for you to catch that next big trout.


  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Suitable to use for beginners and experts alike
  • Great action
  • Long casting


  • Not suitable for large fish

SHIMANO Sojourn 1-Piece Spin Rod

Though this spinning rod from Shimano is not ideal for catching fish that are larger than trout, it is just perfect for fish like crappie and trout. The tip sensitivity of this rod is such that you will feel every bite and fight that the fish will put up when caught. This rod also has a little more weight than its other counterparts but it serves a purpose by preventing the rod from snapping. The weight and the sensitivity of this rod are ideal for trout fishing.

The Shimano Sojourn 1-Piece Spin Rod is extremely lightweight yet strong, thanks to the graphite composite material with which it’s made. The low profile guides contribute in preventing snagging, which in turn makes the casting more precise. The line guides are made of aluminum oxide, which means that they are corrosion resistant and also have a good shelf life.

You can pair this Shimano with the Shimano Sienna FE Spinning Reel. This is a Dyna balanced spinning reel that is compact in design, has increased sensitivity, and less vibration. This reel according to us is the perfect partner for the Sojourn rod when it comes to trout and big game fishing.


  • Great feel and weight
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Perfect length for trout fishing


  • Dual grip might not be suitable for all
  • Can’t be used for long hours because of weight

G loomis TroutPanfish Spinning Fishing Rod SR6010 IMX

This spinning rod from G loomis is the perfect example of strength and light weight. This rod is also used by professional anglers for trout fishing. It is 5 feet long which is considered the perfect length for trout fishing, especially in confined waters. The rod is designed in such a way that it is enough to catch small to medium sized fish. The tip sensitivity is great and this property is crucial for trout fishing. 

Because of this rod being light in weight you can keep holding on to this and catch fish for hours and hours without your arms getting tired. Even after being lightweight, the G loomis TroutPanfish Spinning Fishing Rod is extremely strong.The rod also features a Fuji reel seat, a dual cork handle, and a medium light taper. It is worthy of getting 5 stars even on appearance with its black glossy look. 

You can pair this rod up with Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line. This line also offers a zero stretch Microline. This fishing line is highly sensitive and would be a great asset when fishing for trout. 


  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Compat size
  • Ideal for trout fishing


  • Dual grip is not suited to all
  • Not ideal for novices


Unlike other fish, trout can be a really tricky fish to hold on to. You need a lot more than good fishing gear to catch this brainy little fish. When caught, these sneaky fish fight with all their might and put up a good struggle before giving up, so you better be ready! Always keep in mind that the ideal rod for using in trout fishing should be between 5 and 6 feet long. 

Not only the fishing rod is important in your trout voyage, pairing it up with a suitable reel is equally important too. Go for an ultralight rod if you’re into smaller trouts, and opt for lightweight rods if you want to catch bigger trouts. Go fishing!

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