Best Surf Fishing Rods -2020 Reviewed!

Fishing on a budget isn’t far-fetched, especially in locations as wide-ranging and diverse, a smart collection of the most durable, versatile, comfortable, and functional equipment is an indispensable component.

An affordable, high-quality spinning rod and reel combo that works in multiple fishing conditions and settings as possible—counting saltwater in addition to freshwater. The spinning rod and reel setup should be approachable enough for a novice to learn on, yet advanced enough to perform well enough for an experienced veteran to rely on.

With fishing, you don’t know what you are going to catch, but with the right gear, you can maximize your chances of landing your bait. Surf fishing is designed mainly for night and in rough waves.

What is a Surf Fishing Rod?

These rods are made of strong materials to withstand heavy throws, extreme saltwater angles, similar to sharks and redfishes. They’re less comprehensive and increase the probability of your catches.

Things to keep in consideration when selecting the best surf fishing rods

  • Rod length: On an average, rods that fall between 8-10 feet and have leverage over casting experience, whereas rods of 11-14 feet have improved casting distance. A rod should go along with your own body, a rod should not pressure your physical limits.
  • Graphite versus fiberglass banter: There are incredible rods accessible in both, Carbon Fiber and Graphite bars are truly comparable. Composite rods are a blend of the two materials, combining the duality.
  • Action of a rod: A bend or the taper is the hallmark of good rod action, Fast action rods are best for single hooks, chances of a bigger fish increase significantly.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Should be immune to salts, rusting. The finish should be strong enough to withstand oxidation underwater.
  • Flexibility and sensitivity are the key features of any rod which should be the primary goal when on the lookout for a rod.

Our top picks for selecting the best surf fishing rods for you

Berkley Big Game Rod

best surf fishing rods

 Berkley is well established to perform efficiently in freshwater or saltwater conditions alike, perfect for anglers aiming to take large catches home. The rod has stainless steel frames with embedded titanium oxides. The handle is pure EVA and supports full grip. Fiberglass composition is noteworthy and a masterpiece, with comparts.

What we like about  Berkley Big Fishing Rod

  • Durable and quality blanks with X veil.
  • Supports lifetime warranty.
  • Fiberglass construction is tenacious.
  • Compact design.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

What we don’t like about Berkley Big Fishing Rod

  • May require frequent assistance.

 Our Takeaway for Berkley Big Game is for a price as cheap as that, it is surprisingly competent and well off to be considered in the race. This rotating spiral is more relaxed to use and is fairly easy to repair in cases of breaking down, so it’s safe to make a judgment that Berkley takes a stand on its quality and an exceptional build.

Okuma Longitude Surf Rod

 Okuma is a well-reputed brand in the market, standing proud with all attributes. Available multiple designs between 9 to 12 inches, coming in medium to heavy power, this rod allows you to select your personal piece. Guaranteeing a competitive graphite composition blanks which can easily surpass all expectations with its strong backbones.

Heavy baits are no challenge to this one, and can fluently throw long casts. Each model comes with aluminium oxide guide inserts that make up for the strength and weight. Furnished with superior cork for avoiding slipping accidents on the field for all-day uninterrupted action with its soft cushions and EVA handles.

What we like about  Okuma Longitude Rod

  • Very sensitive in nature.
  • Suitable for different species of fishes.
  • Is not bothersome during transportation.
  • Extremely well balanced and cork grip wrapping feels comfortable.
  • Double footed stainless steel guide frames to keep your line straight.
  • Limited one year warranty.

What we don’t like about Okuma Longitude Rod

  • Can be hefty and large for some users.
  • Grip can become slightly stiff.

Our Takeaway for Okuma Longitude is the rod is so very compact and versatile, there is sure to be one that fits your surf fishing needs. Power ranging from medium to heavy, and length from 8’ to 12’. If you are in search of a surf rod, under a strict budget and do not want to compromise your quality, this one might be your pick!

PENN Squall Level Wind  

 Matched with level wind trolling reel to lure in big fishes from a variety of locations like saltwater and freshwater conditions. Presenting with the 100 carbon fiber system, the rod becomes extra strong without sacrificing smooth function. The length is 6’6” tall with medium-fast action and medium-heavy power. Two stainless steel ball rollers, act as a reliable source of strength. Sporting a size 30 reel and speed of 35 inches, this rod becomes a good competitor in the market.

 What we like about PENN Squall Level Wind

  • Durable construction with lightweight graphite frame.
  • Amazing side plating and bronze rigging with pure pinion gear.
  • Lasting, ultrasensitive rod with glass structure. 
  • Lightweight and easy to hold.
  • Graphite framing.
  • Bronze alloy main gear.
  • One-piece glass blank with a solid tip.
  • Limited one year warranty offered.
  • Easy to use, especially for beginners who need a guiding light.

 What we don’t like about PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod

  • May become rigid occasionally.

 Our Takeaway for PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod is that they have a decent, comfortable grip to them, supported with a solid reel and well-balanced rod. This heavy action rod supports some quick reflexes making it totally, undoubtedly worth the money. Works great with catching big fishes supported by smooth reel action and pole support.

This stick is a great coastal, seawater rod with its Instant Anti Reverse bearing, line capacity rings, and compressed size. Best used for trolling, jigging, and other techniques.

BerryPro Surf Rod

Constructed with IM7 carbon technology blanks giving the rod an ultrasensitive nature and noticeable power. BerryPro surf rod was specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of an angler and striving towards the best possible composition. The design is professional and combines the perfection of strength and flexibility.

What we like about  BerryPro Surf Rod

  • The guides are precisely aligned for easy transference of sensitivity when directing for long casting.
  • Impressive casting response, strength, and sensitivity.
  • Well balanced and lightweight.
  • Durable and lasting equipment.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Anti-wear rubber rear cap for a strong grip.
  • Ceramic fishing rings for smooth and easy performance.
  • One year limited warranty.

 What we don’t like aboutBerryPro Surf Rod

  • Occasionally experiences lagging. 

Our Takeaway for BerryPro Surf Rod is a well-known brand, releasing great rods one after the other. Its highly dense EVA grips, nonslip design and carbon surface, makes it a tough rod. Assigned with a sturdy reel seat that supports the performance of the rod with a guaranteed repair warranty, it becomes an even better deal under a small budget to choose from!

Fiblink Surf Rod

 Fiblink offers the best carbon fiber technology that confidently curtails any extra weight and escalates stiffness. The rod delivers the promise of extraordinary toughness and precisely toned action for fishing. High-performance guides help in lessening friction for smooth, supporting long casts, simultaneously enhancing the sensitivity by evenly transferring vibrations.

What we like about Fiblink

  • Delicate yet dense carbon fiber composition.
  • Enhanced action and performance.
  • Increased sensitivity and fairly lightweight.
  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Hood transitions above and below the reel to guard the cap.
  • Backbone is effortlessly straight and exact.
  • Non-slip rubber handle with tapering grip.
  • Guaranteed strength and durability.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Limited one year warranty.

 What we don’t like about Fiblink

  • More attention is needed.

 Our Takeaway for Fiblink Surf Rod is the overall versatility and lasting material made it all worth it. The stainless steel mixed with ceramic guides makes it more smooth and even, precisely aligned guides are a bonus.

Also having a handy bag to assemble and disintegrate pieces, to make it easy to carry around. Well-built and aligned to increase functionality and suited for. All around manufactured and adjusted to build the usefulness and appropriate for angling, fishing on a boat.

Tica UGSA Series Surf Rod

 Designed for serious anglers looking to catch a big fish in the sea, and to fight big strong currents in saltwater fishing. It varies in sizes, being as short as 8 feet, or as tall as 12 feet. In terms of power, the range is medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and extra heavy. This heavy power rod can hold a lot of pressure and drag big fishes regardless of strong currents.

 What we like about  Tica UGSA Series

  • Great tip guide.
  • Amazing casting distance
  • Lightweight and sensitive.
  • Durable and can endure a lot of pressure.
  • Superior and high-quality graphite.
  • Nonslip handles for a comfortable grip.

What we don’t like about Tica UGSA Series

  • Needs proper maintenance.
  • Not for beginners.

Our takeaway for Tica UGSA Series Surf Rod is this rod comes with top-notch equipment, with Fuji rod guides, a Fuji reel seat, and Fuji inserts too, making casting and retrieval fast and convenient. The rod itself is made of very strong graphite, guaranteeing its functionality and power.

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

 The St. Croix Triumph spinning rods are for those anglers who are in pursuit of rods in the 5-7 feet range. All collections have the same reliability, so if you’re looking to have a long term brand preference, it’s a good place to start. Rod action ranging from extra fast, fast, moderately fast, moderate, and slow. The brand has specifications in power from ultra-light, light, medium light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy and extra heavy.

 What we like about St Croix Triumph Rod

  • Good sensitivity.
  • Very light.
  • Strong and lightweight rods.
  • Superior grade cork handle.
  • Double coating of Flex slow cure finish.
  • Five-year warranty sponsored by the company.
  • Tough black-framed guides with aluminium oxide.
  • Fuji reel seat with silver bonnet.

 What we don’t like about St Croix Triumph Rods

  • Reels can struggle occasionally.

 Our Takeaway in St Croix Triumph is perfect for anglers who celebrate high-performance at an accessible budget and looking for a rod and reel combo in reasonable limits. St. Croix is one of the supreme rods in the business, and for advanced surfers, this is clearly one of the best surf fishing rods.

Our Final thoughts

Lastly, there are many distinguishable qualities to look for when searching for the best surf fishing rod for yourself.

There’s something unique in each rod making them perfect in their own arena. Fiberglass Rods are economical, tougher, more durable, heavier, and less sensitive. Graphite Rods on the other hand are lighter, expensive, more sensitive, and faster. If you are looking to hold on to your rod for quite some time, it’s wise to get a rod 8-10 feet long. Rods as short as these, have better chances of catching big fishes. Longer rods provide better casting distance.

Keep in mind some factors affecting fishing conditions such as – weather, wind pressure, water currents, tidal waves, the behavior of your fish species, seasonal changes.

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