Find the Best Reels For Salmon Fishing For You?

Don’t we all love the taste of freshly smoked salmon? The flavor of that fish is truly unmatchable. There’s only one thing that beats this experience when it comes to salmons – catching them! We are lucky to live in this era where there are so many amazing tools readily available in the market, specifically made for catching salmons. 

Salmons are one of the most challenging fish to catch because they put up a solid fight when they are hooked. Whatever fishing gear that you can imagine, whether it is a reel, a rod, or a fishing line, some of the models are manufactured keeping in mind the comfort and dynamics needed to catch salmons.

 We have handpicked spinning reels available in the market that we think would be the best in catching salmons and other fish like them. Here are those listed along with reviews, pros, and cons.

Best Reels for Salmon Fishing: Product Reviews

Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel

best reels for salmon fishing

This reel from Okuma is pretty much similar to the HS-40X model. This spinning reel has a compact design and is made with C-40X long strand carbon fiber ensuring good strength and corrosion resistance. Hence the Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel can be used both in fresh and salty water bodies. Since it’s made with carbon it is lightweight with the HSX-20 model weighing 6 ounces and HSX-40s 9.1 ounces. 

This reel is completely sealed and hence there is a next to zero possibility of corrosion by salty waters. Despite this reel being budget friendly there is no compromise on quality. It has a 9 stainless steel ball bearing system which ensures smooth fishing experience. Another commendable thing about this spinning reel from Okuma is that there is no use of plastic in its components. 

The interior of the real is made with brass and so is the pinion gear. Brass also makes it durable and increases its shelf life. This lightweight spinning reel is equipped with cyclonic flow rotor Technology. This technology is useful in keeping the water away from the system and keeping the reel dry. The rotor  is shaped in such a way that it enables the air flow to cover the system. This enables the rotor system to drive much faster naturally when kept in dry conditions after using it in a wet environment while fishing. In our opinion you can go ahead with this reel for salmon fishing.


  • Smooth system enabled by 9 stainless steel ball bearing system
  • Machine cut brass pinion gear
  • Anti reverse technology
  • Medium drag
  • Constructed with carbon, making it strong and lightweight
  • Ideal for both fresh and salt water bodies


  • Might not be suitable for heavy fish

Okuma Fishing Tackle Hx-40S Helios Extremely Lightweight High Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma is one of the trusted brands that anglers have sworn by over the years. This reel belongs to the high speed reel category; it is one of the best lightweight reels available in the market as well. Don’t let its weight fool you. It is extremely strong and powerful.

This spinning reel is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater bodies. However it is understandable that for this quality you will have to bear more price. This reel hence, doesn’t belong to the budget friendly category. However, if you do decide to buy this reel we assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

This spinning reel from Okuma is made with C-40X carbon that makes it extremely lightweight yet powerful. This fishing reel is equipped with long strand carbon fibre technology. The side plates, rotor, and the frame are all made with good quality carbon fibre. The handle and the drag knob have Okuma 1K carbon fiber components.

The effect of using carbon fiber as its construction material is such that it surpasses graphite and fiberglass by a great margin. This can be proved by the reel’s performance, which increases drastically by 50% as compared to other reels in the category. Moreover, the carbon used in the reel construction makes it 25% lighter as well.

The Helios reel features a multi disc carbonite drag mechanism, which is extremely crucial to catch challenging fish like salmon and the powerful drag ensures just that. The reel also features 9HPB + 1RB rust resistant stainless steel ball bearing system. This makes the reel pretty smooth to use while retrieving. Its gear ratio is 5.0:1. Despite slow action this is an ideal reel for novices and experienced saltwater game fishing professionals.

The high power and the property of being lightweight makes it perfect for salmon fishing. However, it doesn’t mean that it is only restricted to catching salmon.We assure you that it won’t disappoint you when catching other fish of the same weight category as well. 


  • Carbon material makes it 25% lighter and 50% stronger than other fishing reels in the category
  • Great drag mechanism
  • 10 stainless steel ball bearing system enables smooth fishing experience
  • High speed reel
  • Good performance
  • Lightweight


  • Not budget friendly

Piscifun Destroyer Spinning Reel Ultra Smooth Sealed Carbon Fiber Drag Fishing Reel Freshwater 7+1BB Spin Reels (MX40)

Piscifun is yet another trusted brand among anglers. This spinning reel from Piscifun is another perfect one for salmon fishing. The build of this reel is of good quality. It is also equipped with Nano-anti corrosion technology. The rotor, spool, and drag are made of aluminum and keep the water away from the main system. This mechanism also helps in preventing dirt, grime, and salt water from entering inside the reel. 

The construction of this reel is such that it is sturdy and durable. The housing is built with zero flex aluminum and the spool is made with CNC machined aluminum. It is also equipped with a 9 + 1 shielded stainless steel ball bearing system and the drag system is corrosion resistant as well. Because of this, the fishing is rendered smooth and you won’t find it that much difficult when handling a struggling fish. 

This reel features 3 drag washers, which are made with carbon fiber that makes it lightweight, yet strong. You can also tweak its adjustments to make your fishing experience better. The main shaft is made with reinforced stainless steel, the gear system is constructed with brass, and the drag system is made with refined carbon. All these components are accurately connected.

Another advantage of this fishing reel is that apart from fishing salmon it can also be used to catch bass. It is also budget friendly as the price falls below 100 dollars. This reel comes in two models – model 2000 which has the maximum drag power of 18 pounds and the second one is model 4000 with the maximum drag power of 25 pounds. In our opinion this drag power is more than enough for catching any kind of salmon. Go ahead, you won’t regret it. 


  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Completely sealed body
  • Great drag mechanism
  • 3 drag washers
  • 10 ball bearing system ensures smooth experience
  • Good value for money


  • Not found

Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel, 4000XG

Shimano is also one of the most iconic brands in the fishing industry, working for over 80 years now. This brand continues to drive towards innovation and regularly updates its fishing products, which also reflects in their improved performances. This reel from shimano can be used both in fresh and saltwater environments.

Apart from being great in fishing for salmon this reel is also ideal for bass fishing. On a side note, if you want to check out the best spinning reels in the market for bass, do explore 6 Best Spinning Reels for Bass Fishing. This reel is made with good quality aluminum and graphite. It has many good properties, such as being lightweight, powerful, and smooth. Because of the material used in its construction, it is durable and long lasting.

It comes equipped with HAGANE Body Technology that makes it durable and strong. It also comes with a water sealed drag mechanism that utilizes drag to the fullest. The maximum drag power of this reel is 24 pounds. We assure you that this drag power is more than you need in fishing for even the heavy fish in the water.

This reel also features Dyna Balance rotor, Fluid Drive II system, and Propulsion Line Management system that ensure ultra smoothness and long casting capacity, and also tackle line management problems. This reel also comes with a 7  stainless steel ball bearing system that delivers the smoothest experience possible. When you end up catching a fish, retrieving it wouldn’t feel that difficult.

The retrieve per crank for this reel is 31 inches to 41 inches. Another added advantage of this series of Shimano Stradic is that its different models are specifically designed for different types of fish. The model ST2500HGFK is perfect for bass fishing. The models of larger size in the series can also easily catch other bluewater fish apart from salmon. 


  • Lightweight
  • Great power
  • Equipped with Hagane technology
  • 7 ball bearing system
  • Smooth fishing experience
  • Can tackle heavy fish
  • Good quality 
  • Value for money


  • Some anglers had a problem with the drag system


Trust us, we totally understand how overwhelming it can be to finalize just 1 fishing reel, that too when you are trying to search for that perfect spinning reel for catching salmons. That’s why we have gone great lengths in hand picking some of the best fishing reels available in the market for this purpose. If you ask us, the best fishing reel in our opinion is the Okuma Fishing Tackle Hx-40S Helios Extremely Lightweight High Speed Spinning Reel. 

Scouring pages and pages of Amazon isn’t a pleasant experience for anybody. We know, been there, done that. So, rather than spending hours and hours doing just that, we think it’s better for you to scroll through a select few and take your pick. We have done the hard work for you. Apart from checking the reviews of the different products listed, measuring the respective pros and cons of different reels against each other would also go a long way in clearing your head of confusion. 

We hope that you find the best spinning reel for you and your salmon fishing experience becomes smooth and memorable. 

Happy fishing!

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