Best Fly Rod Under $200 – A Buying Guide

Fly angling is an increasingly preferred sport. And as we are aware, you require different equipment for it, which is a tough decision. Many fly anglers don’t know about the various kinds of fly rods available out there or what specifications to search for, what is basic, what isn’t, and so on. And in case you are a beginner, there is a great deal you would need to learn. Else, you may lose a sense of direction in an ocean of disarray without getting any fish.

If you too are new to this fishing world or someone who wishes to update the fly angling gear, then we are here for you. Buying a suitable fly bar can be overwhelming as there are numerous alternatives each claiming of being the best. Through this article of reviewing the best fly rod under 200, we intend to help you pick the right one for you so that you may not have to invest a great deal of energy assessing the same.

We hope it will give you some exceptionally helpful data to assist you in the search for a fly bar within this budget. Subsequent to understanding this article, you will have an idea of the features you have to search for.

Is It Possible To Buy A Good Fly Fishing Rod For Less Than $ 200?

The answer to this question is Yes. Truly, you can get a phenomenal fly angling pole for under $200. In this value run, you can locate a medium-fast bar made of graphite or ceramic. It is available alongside the upper third that does the majority of the flexing.

You will have the option to get an extraordinary 3 weight bar with a range of eight to nine feet, which is ideal for beginners. You can locate some really great four value sticks inside this spending plan. This sort of pole will furnish you with the adaptability and control required for good performance. 

So, let’s begin!

Review of the Best Fly Rod Under 200

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods (Warranty)

Since we are assessing the best fly rods under $200, we cannot make a mistake of not mentioning Fenwick AETOS fly rod. The built and structure of this fly bar is half of the motivation behind why you might want to buy it. It includes a dark blue shading with grey and silver accents. Fly bars by Fenwick are viewed as the best in their group. It’s exact, light, sensitive and soft to the eyes.

This fly rod provides fast action and function admirably in case you are casting great distances. It comes in various lengths so that you can buy as per your requirements. From the entryway, it feels agile and has a fabulous feature of curvature. The handle is made of cork and furthermore offers numerous designs. The reel is made of dark anodized aluminum that functions admirably in intense and brutal angling circumstances.

The short throws somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 feet are pleasant and give additional precision while releasing easily. The perfect area to use the bar in is in the range of 40 to 50 feet. The ground-breaking and smooth 50 foot throws are especially stunning and precise. It is a 4-segment dark blue fly angling pole bar with carbon accents.


  • This is a quick action rod clear for a perfect flying experience
  • It is affordable and offers varied casting distances
  • AAA grade cork handle offers a secure and comfortable grasp
  • It comes with a rod tube secured with Fenwick cloth
  • It is light in weight and provides great exactness
  • It has a bag for easy storage
  • The rod provides a lifetime warranty


  • AFTOS may not be known to many
  • It may not be as durable as claimed

It comes in 4 pieces and is easy to carry. It functions admirably for short, medium and long distances with superb execution, flexibility and exactness. This fly pole basically covers all the features you find in a luxury pole, yet without the extravagant segments to burn your pocket.

Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod (Quality)

best fly rod under $ 200

This is an incredible quality fly bar that will address your preferences without burning up all available resources. In the wake of taking a gander at them it becomes clear that they are well built and perform well. This fly rod is designed in light of usefulness and moderateness. Known for its durability, it provides you the desired power required for angling.

It is accessible in an assortment of loads from 3 to 7 and various lengths from 7.6 to 10 feet. This elite graphite bar falls offers medium bending range and arrives in four-section with a canvas case for safe stockpiling. It offers great adaptability in a wide range of circumstances for both short long casting distances and is versatile.

It comes with two tips segments. You can pick the one that meets every one of your prerequisites. The drift rope is able to genuinely cast the line and unquestionably broadens the span of the throws. It gives the angler a phenomenal sense of loading and unloading the shaft and offers high precision while throwing.


  • It has two tips sections that offer various angling alternatives.
  • It comes with no fault lifetime warranty
  • The graphite rod is known for its great flexibility, precision and versatility
  • It is reasonable and affordable
  • Its carry case is great for storing


  • This brand isn’t as popular
  • Some anglers may find guides small
  • It may feel heavy

It is made with high evaluation AAA cork holds with burled closures and reel seats. Despite the fact that it’s not a super lavish rod, it provides great sensitivity and all of these features are available at reasonable cost.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod (Casting)

Orvis has been delivering strong angling gear for quite a while. This fly rod falls in a mid-flex range which means it offers medium action. Medium action rods are suitable for casting at large distances. The Orvis Clearwater rod has a size of 9 feet 5 inches. The design of the Orvis rod is sturdy and it comes on a black chrome along with white accents. It has a dark nickel aluminum reel seat which signifies durability and excellence. Additionally, it has a grey rod tube for storage. The guides are composed of chrome snake stripping to streamline the casting.

It is a fabulous bar to angle in a water line and furthermore a phenomenal design for a sinking line. Orvis rod is a 4 piece pole that is even liked by seasoned fishermen. It is one of the best entry level rods. Its back and front casts are ideal, especially for beginners and short distances cast is quite good. One other advantage is its fast rod identifier which means you can assemble it very easily.

The bar’s receptivity to little driving forces by fish helps in catching them. What’s more, it is lightweight and feels easy to cast. It offers sensitivity, however that doesn’t mean you can’t battle aggressive salmon, trout and other big predators with it. The overall action of this rod is pleasant.


  • It comes with chrome snake stripping guides
  • The rod ensures great casting ability
  • Technology used is same as a luxury rod
  • It provides 25 years warranty
  • It is great for catching a variety of fish with different sizes


  • It doesn’t provide lifetime warranty like the others mentioned

It provides value for money and is a perfect rod for somebody who needs a good quality rod without burning a hole in their wallets. Purchasing it would mean getting a high quality road at an affordable price.

Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series II Fly Fishing Rods (Well – Known)

This company is well known for making reasonably priced rods that rival the built and usefulness of top of the line clubs. The Signature Series II is the best in class because of its redesigned characteristics. It is judicious for fledglings, intermediate and seasoned anglers. The structure of the rod is magnificent and rich. It is available in numerous loads, each having its own features to help you pick the weight that fills your need.

Skilled fly anglers who have been using high-grade bars for quite a long time frequently see that TFO bars offer amazing fly angling encounters. This isn’t something you can discover in many fly poles with this cost. It fills in as a medium action fly angling bar. Along these lines, it can be utilized in both little streams and huge waterways.

The Lefty Kreh Signature Series fly rod is an extraordinary option for fishers searching for a considerable advancement from an amateur evaluation fly pole. It has an appealing green finish that adds to the general build of the bar. It has a braided aluminium or graphite uplocking reel seat and first-rate cork having burled accents.


  • This rod is adaptable and comes with superior guides
  • It comes with a decent AA grade cork hold
  • No fault lifetime guarantee provided is a great advantage
  • It is available in 16 models and has a hook or snare keeper
  • Brand is well known and signifies quality
  • It has TFO logo of red bar sock for customization


  • No case is given for storage

Buying such quality rod may be a brilliant decision for new anglers who need a useful apparatus to assist them with a productive cast. Also, for those skillful fishers who may require a substitute rod, TFO IM6 graphite fly poles tend to turn into a primary choice instead of an optional pick.

The exhibition of this rod basically can’t be matched by the ordinary poles available. It additionally includes an over-sized stripping guide and a hook or snare manager. With the entirety of the above highlights, it comes at a truly sensible expense of under $200.

Factors To Take Into Consideration While Selecting A Fly Rod


The cost is the utmost important factor that most of the fishermen consider. Not many have any desire to put resources into a very expensive fly bar. In this way, we have concentrated on fly poles under $200. This range offers a decent number of characteristics that will suit beginners and experienced fishermen.


The flex rate or bending pace is the aggregate flexibility, action or bending the bar permits. Flexibility rate can be slow, moderate, reasonably quick, and quick. Fly rods offering quick flex rate are the most hard to deal with and therefore, ought to be left to seasoned fishermen. In the event that you are a learner, then you ought to pick a rod with medium flex rate.


There are short and long fly poles available, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Short Rods

These rods are generally utilized for littler fish. They are suitable for little waterways and streams. Additionally, they are handy and easy to carry.

Long Rods

They offer greater throwing distance and let you practice more line control. Moreover, these fly rods are appropriate for harsh climate conditions and enormous water bodies.

Development Material

Fly angling bars are usually made of bamboo, graphite or fiberglass. Fly rods made of Bamboo are the lightest and generally costly. Graphite bars are the most adaptable ones, offering a scope of slow to reasonably quick flexible rates. Fiberglass poles are more slender and thicker than graphite bars.

Technique And Purpose

Another factor to consider while purchasing a fly rod is the water conditions and fish species you are angling in. There are three kinds of fly rods available i.e. slow action, medium action and quick action.

Slow Action

Slow action rods are generally meant for little streams. They have a slow line speed and provide great flexibility.

Medium Action

These medium action rods provide power over the angling line with exactness. They can be utilized in little streams as well as huge waterways. Their lower half is solid and the tip is adaptable.

Quick action

Quick action fly bars are exceptionally firm and the top segment is bent


There are various weights available and these varied bar loads are utilized for diverse kinds of angling. Here, weight doesn’t allude to the genuine load of the rod. It refers to the heaviness of the line utilized with the fly rod.

Which Weight To Use?

A four-weight bar is suitable for trout angling. Five weight poles are made to catch the little bass, bluegill, and trout.

A six weight pole is great for waterway angling, while casters would like to upgrade to a seven weight pole.

In case you are thinking about fishing in saltwater, at that point you will require a rod with weight ranging from 8 to 12, contingent upon the sort of saltwater fish you are searching for.


So, these are the best fly rods under $200 according to us. We hope that this survey may have been helpful and to some degree significant in making a decision about which pole to buy next. And for novices, they may be the ideal first purchase. You should consider all the components discussed above: the pros and cons reviewed may assist you.

The market is loaded with costly angling rods, but you can without much of a stretch discover high caliber, solid, and best fly rods within your budget. The flying bars referenced may prove to be an amazing choice for flying bars to look over. They provide value for money and most of them come with fantastic warranties. So, go out there and explore.

Happy Fly Fishing!

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