Best Baitcasting Rods Under $100 -The Ultimate How-to Guide

A true fisherman is only passionate for his sport, but also has the same enthusiasm for their tools. The fishing rod is considered as the most critical tool for any fishing aficionado. A high quality rod is a crucial element that can make your fishing journey not only easier, but extremely rewarding.

We believe that a good rod doesn’t just do a very clear task of catching the fish, but also to turn the overall part of fishing, a memorable day. Rods can be highly multipurpose and finding the one that suits you, isn’t too hard. A well-renowned type of fishing commonly includes casting bait out into the water and waiting for the target to bite. This requires a special kind of rod called baitcasting rod.

Most importantly, skill isn’t the only factor influencing your result. Regardless of the fact that you are a beginner or a skilled expert in the field, in the end it all comes down to the proper fishing equipment.If you are waiting to get started in fishing, and are on a budget, then we have compiled a buyer’s guide to help you find the best baitcasting rods under $100.

How to choose the best baitcasting rod under $100 for you

  •  Material structure and composition: There are two significant components in the field of materials in Rods – Graphite and Fiberglass. Both these components accompany their own arrangement of focal points, similar to Fiberglass is effectively found in numerous bars and is a sensible segment. Graphite is known to be increasingly touchy and adaptable. Graphite works best for getting huge fishes in light of its quality.
  • Transportation: One piece and two piece rods have a similar sturdiness and enduring quality, in case during your fishing advent you need a rod that can be effectively moved and doesn’t occupy additional room, you ought to go for a two piece bar. If you aren’t bothered by retractable rods and would not mind the lack of adjustment, one piece would not disappoint you.
  • Angling conditions: There are two situations for angling – Fresh and Saltwater conditions. Saltwater rods would be covered with material built and ready to withstand erosion and rusting. Freshwater poles are known to be relatively lightweight and adaptable.
  • Grip Design and Materials: This structure is significant just as the materials. The materials are typically cork or foam, used to try and out the weight for a definitive comfort and simplicity. Angling can get tiring, under the blistering sun for quite a long time, can incur significant damage, yet a decent material can diminish the strain caused and prioritize comfort. 
  • Action and Power: The force in the rod is the cumulative measure of the pressure applied to make the rod bend, it ranges from additional light, light, medium and heavy. Action is determined with how much the rod bends under tension, which could be later classified into slow, moderate, quick, and additional quick are the normal actions used. 
  • Cost and Quality: There is a particular financial plan without a doubt, and in that set sum you should gauge the characteristics you get in a desired rod. You should check if the rod offers guarantee, and if yes to what extent does it last? How much is it worth the amount you have invested and are the features the ones you’re looking for?

Our top picks for finding the best baitcasting rod under $100 

Shimano FXC Casting Rod

best baitcasting rods under $100

The thing we love about Shimano FXC casting rod is that this two piece rod is a standardised equipment suitable for all ages, with experience in the field of angling. Beginners or professionals, both can use it fairly easily.

This product is designed for catching fish from light saltwater, inshore surroundings. Furthermore, it is popular for stream, river and lake fishing. It can throw long and smooth casts with a great no discomfort. It has medium power and fast action. This Shimano rod is 6’6” tall and can take 3 – 4 oz weights, having a great line guide for. You may use this famous rod, with the handle and ceramic ring portion detached, easy to reassemble, for catching fish especially catfish and smallmouth fish.

What we like about Shimano FXC Casting Rod

  • Versatile performance.
  • Durable and long lasting material.
  • Aero glass blank construction.
  • Incredible sensitivity.
  • Blank material is fiberglass.
  • Resistant to damage and corrosion free.
  • Reinforced aluminium oxide guides.
  • Equipped with comfortable rubber grips with EVA foam .

What we don’t like aboutShimano FXC Casting Rod

  • A bit on the heavier side.

Our Takeaway for Shimano FXC Casting Rod is that even with the impressive power, the Aero glass body makes the rod rather dexterous. Capable of rapid movements and drawing cumbersome weights while simultaneously retaining the capacity to glide effortlessly, you are having the best of both worlds – Power and easy flow.

This rod is not just admirable for casting, is also intense in baitcasting, making it a champ in its genre. 

Abu Garcia Vengeance Rod

This 7 feet baitcasting bass fishing rod is ideal for on the water use, weighing at 6 – 12 lbs, this is an all rounder rod, used for a variety of water techniques like jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, crankbaits, most topwater, and many more. Vengeance is a one piece rod with Graphite installation, best for casting baits and allowing strong throws. This medium heavy rod works 

What we like about Abu Garcia Vengeance

  • Constructed from 24 ton premium quality graphite.
  • Stainless steel guides with titanium inserts.
  • Strong and thick EVA handles.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • Texas rigged hook keeper makes it compatible with other applications.
  • Can conveniently throw long casts.

What we don’t like about Abu Garcia Vengeance

  • Tip seems heavy to hold.

Our Takeaway for Abu Garcia Vengeance is this rod is an extraordinary, one of its kind with good quality. The warranty is also a great assurance of the service and replacement, in case things go wrong. Perfect for catching small and big fishes, especially big bass. This rod is inexpensive but doesn’t sacrifice on equipment or performance.

Berkley E Motion Rod

Berkley has a sleek, modern look, the black theme with few white patches and logos look extremely classy and high class. The rod has a HET aka High Energy Transfer reel seat, so the effort and pressure to reel back is reduced significantly by the energy distributed all over the rod rather than a focused epicentre. The main material is a blend of perfect composition making it more flexible and strong in lasting performance.

What we like about Berkley E Motion Rod

  • An Exceptional blend of 30 and 24 ton graphite.
  • Soft coating for comfortable hold.
  • Lightweight and sensitive.
  • Hybrid design and guide material.
  • Strong and steady rod.
  • Flexible and durable, can withstand tough situations.

What we don’t like about Berkley E Motion Rod

  • Tip needs more strength, as it is more prone to breaking.

Our Takeaway for Berkley E-Motion Casting Rod is that all these varied sizes, eight to be precise, from 6’4” to 7’9” make a great collection and are very striking to pick from. There are multiple functions in the style of top water, frog, lipless crank and many more techniques, making it a good pick. The ranges in medium, medium heavy, heavy and extra heavy are available in the market. The best part of the rod is the unique handle, with its small, cone-like grip at the tip and the ergonomically designed gears right before the reel seat.

KastKing Royale Legend Rod

Each and every Royale Select fishing rods are created with Toray 24 – ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks making each casting rod and spinning rod have amazing performance, sensitivity and power. Fuji fishing line guides distribute heat more effectively. Fishing reel seats are shaped by high strength nylon for a compact base, for overall comfort. Designed with bass anglers in consideration, all techniques such as flippin’ rods to drop shot rods, or Texas Rigging, or swimbait rods are easily available.

What we like about KastKing Royale Legend Rod

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Flexible and sensitive.
  • Superior casting distance
  • Transition System for amazing joint transition, to allow power to flow smoothly all over the fishing rod blank.
  • EVA handle for a better grip.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

What we don’t like aboutKastKing Royale Legend Rod

  • This One piece design might take some getting used to.

Our Takeaway for KastKing Royale Legend is this is an enjoyable rod with medium heavy power. Using a KastKing fishing pole on your next bass fishing or trout fishing trip will truly amp up your experience. It uses high value Fuji O ring guides that go well with all types of line. The split grip will allow the anglers to maintain full control of their baitcasting rod. in the list of best baitcasting rods, we can’t miss this one!

Lew’s Tournament Performance Rod 

Lew’s Tournament rod is made with superior IM8 graphite one piece blanks, split-grip Dri-Tac handles by Winn Grip, American tackle microwave guide system. The backbone is also a notable feature, standing strong and keeping the rod well balanced, the power ranges from medium light, medium and medium heavy, and action is moderate and fast.

What we like about Lew’s Tournament Performance

  • Reduces wind knotting.
  • Improves casting distance and casting accuracy.
  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • Limited one year warranty and replacement.

What we don’t like aboutLew’s Tournament Performance

  • Not great for very heavy fishes.

Our Takeaway for Lew’s Tournament Performance Rod is that knotting and casting distance is amazing. The grips are superior and do not disappoint at all. This one piece design works well in wet conditions, so there is no discomfort. The rod works for everything, topwater frogs and poppers, jerkbaits, smaller crankbaits, Texas rig worms, and shaky heads.

St Croix Triumph Rod

Most spinning rods are generally appropriate with the light lines naturally used for drop shot rigs. The art of drop shotting is a finesse method known as one of the few bass fishing techniques that constantly supports a spinning rod over a baitcasting rod. This rod has fast action and has light power, is suitable for drop shotting and many other techniques.

What we like about St Croix Triumph Rod

  • Line guides with aluminium oxide inserts.
  • Graphite fiber composition.
  • Lightweight and sensitive.
  • Flexible and durable material.
  • Strong and long lasting.
  • Does not cause fatigue to the angler.
  • Supreme grade cork handle.
  • Five year warranty sponsored by St. Croix.
  • Double layer of Flex Coat slow cure for a sleek finished look.

What we don’t like aboutSt Croix Triumph Rod

  • The tip might become troublesome.

Our Takeaway for St Croix Triumph Rod is St Croix model offers all of the finest features to guarantee that your rod will last you a long time without costing a fortune. Fuji reel seat with a silver hood, black frame guide and warranty assurance are some features which take the cake. Not only is the rod reliable and undeniably well balanced, but also the company has time and time again released rods that are nothing but the best. There is no compromise in components and all rods run by the principle of functionality at an affordable price.

Our Final Thoughts

Under a fixed amount, selecting quality rods is a challenging amount for a fishing enthusiast, however it should take an expensive rod for baitcasting to make a significant change. We have selected only the best baitcasting rods under $ 100, affordable and reasonable rods which can last long without any discomfort. 

On the off chance that you are standing by to start your endeavour in angling, and are on a careful spending plan, that’s the reason we have a compilation of only the best.

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