Best Anti Backlash Baitcast Reels of 2020 Reviewed

Fishing is considered a leisure activity and many reel manufacturers are trying to innovate new technologies to make it hassle free and seamless. To all the fishing enthusiasts,it might come as a relief to you if you are trying to fish out the best gear to help you ease with fishing, then you might consider taking a look into the review list here. 

There is often a debate surrounding which reel to buy to get the best fishing experience be it a spinning reel or a baitcaster, and more often than not the later is selected owing to its durability, light weight and also technology to hold heavier fish. To make your search hassle free we have reviewed our top picks.

5 best Anti backlash baitcast reels Reviews

Piscifun Torrent 18LB 7-1 Baitcasting Reel

Best anti backlash baitcast reel

Piscifun is one of the major manufacturers of fishing gears that produces different types of fishing reels , fishing rods, fishing tools, storage bags and many more options. This reel tops our list of being the most favourite and loved baitcasting reel on the popular opinion. 


  • Japanese cut gearing- When it comes to choosing the best reel for fishing, the gear is taken into consideration. Piscifun Torrent 18LB 7-1 Baitcasting Reel has redefined and stronger gear which will help to retrieve the bait and directing the every to catching bigger fish. Precision to the stainless steel gears make it a one of a kind product. Its water resistance facility makes the water pass it without sticking to it and this makes the gear long lasting.
  • Magnetic brake – Five brakes have been placed strategically to allow maximum backlash control and this has proven to be very effective in preventing backlash. It also comes with a removable side plate which makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Affordable – In comparison with other brands, this baitcaster is affordable.


  • Oil port – It has to be opened while oiling or lubricating the reel. Although to some it might not come as a problem as it’s not quite of a task.
  • Gear ratio doesn’t match – A lower gear ratio is often a requirement when it comes to buying a good reel because it allow less effort in retrieving the bait and makes it easier to easy catch bigger fish.

Kastking Spartacus

Kastking aims to provide its users with hassle free and innovative fishing gears,proving its company tagline ‘Affordable Innovation’. They have a range of fishing tools to select from which differs in price and quality.This Products backs up on the innovation and as its name suggests it fights like a warrior or better say Gladiator Spartacus to give the best fishing experience.


  • Centrifugal magnetic technique – This brake system helps in making the gear very effective in providing the best experience.
  • Corrosion free ball bearing – Its exceptional stainless steel ball bearing makes it long lasting and corrosion free. This feature also makes it suitable for fishing in freshwater and saltwater both.
  • Corrosion-resistance frame – Another dynamic feature is its corrosion resistant frame and spool which has an aluminum casting making its lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Left and right hand models – This feature makes it a personal favorite innovative idea where there is no discrimination done.


  • Difficulty in dragging – This might come as a problem because if the fish is heavy and when changing the drag settings that the gear offers it doesn’t easy shifts and creates problems with the size and weight.
  • Noise – It  produces noise when changing the spool is dragged.

Abu Garcia Black Max

Abu Garcia is another company that provides high end fishing tools for an enjoyable fishing time. Their product list not only includes reels, tools and gears but also apparel that one can consider for a genuine fishing time . With launching this product, they simultaneously launched three models in line. To give the consumers the best experience many reel manufacturers often go through a trial and error process.


  • Magtrax braking system –  Magtrax braking system gives the gear maximum control over the speed of the spool. There have been new high braking systems coming into the market providing the best experience, and so if you are considering buying such a high-end product then Abu Gracia Black Max might be considered.
  • One piece-graphite frame- The body of the gear in casted with full one piece graphite making it lighter than its other contemporaries. 
  • Beginner’s choice –  If you are looking for something which gives a tough competition to other brands and also is easy to use then this might be taken into your consideration list.
  • Ergonomic design-This type of gear designing provides a holistic experience to the user , in making them comfortable and also user friendly. As this takes pride in being the beginner’s choice , this design therefore definitely provides a hassle  free experience. 
  • Backlash control- The Magtrax braking system has come into existence to provide a controlled backlash and is immune to extreme weather conditions be it the moisture or oil, it can come out as an effective system that works in any adverse temperature.


  • Noise- It’s very likely that not everyone who buys the product will face the issue but reading the reviews thoroughly, noise is one such issue which can be taken as a consideration point.  

Shimano Curado K Reels

Shimano originally being a cycle manufacturing company has proven time and again that no company can beat it when it comes to producing high end , super quality fishing gears. It is a proud producer of some of the complex metal working designs. It has evolved its technology to suit various users and have taken into consideration their preferences .

Curado series, be it ‘I’ , ‘K, or ‘70’ have been considered by the fishing enthusiasts as very effective and supreme reels. Owing to their heritage of being into the industry for long they have definitely improvised and experimented with each of its series and tried to provide maximum comfort.


  • HAGANE body – The body of the gear is made metal which gives its a super strong rigidity. This reel design concept aims to provide a smooth experience and this is something which Shimano takes pride in being the only one company to have bagged this technology of the HAGANE body.
  • Micro module gear –  This metal working technology has been created to provide a seamless experience by including sharp teeth which are smaller than any other gears giving it an edge over its gripping.
  • Super Free Spool -This technology aims to provide a friction free shaft during the cast. Usually when a clutch bar is pressed , a spool shaft can create a fiction and produce noise, to avoid this Super Free Spool technology is used. Through its Ball bearing technique, which is supported by a pinion gear, when the clutch bar is pressed the pool shaft and pinion gear is kept in alignment.
  • A-RB – This is used to define the stainless steel ball bearing technology that it uses. What makes it unique is its bigger size which is claimed to be ten times bigger than any standard size ball bearings. Stainless steel bearing also means that it is highly corrosion resistant, which makes it last longer than its contemporary product.


  • Adjustment- One of the cons as pointed out by the users is that it takes a lot of time to adjust to a specific drag.
  • Not Affordable – Through a price point this product cannot be considered an affordable one because of the high end metalworking technology that it uses. According to me the pricing structure of the product has been kept to make it look more worthy and also to give it a fashionable and one in a million product feature.
  • Not reasonable- One might not consider this product in the beginner’s list because of its defined technology which targets only frequent users or fishing enthusiasts. Casting becomes difficult if any beginners are considering buying it.

NOEBY Low Profile

This is one such company that provides fishing gear which are affordable and also easy to use by the beginner.Due to its easy to use and simple styling, this product is  now gaining popularity.


  • Lightweight body- The body of the gear is made up of  high quality brass and anodic oxide aluminum spool body making it durable to use.
  • Affordable – This product may be considered to be pocket friendly and the one that can be use regularly without fearing its wear and tear.
  • Low gear ratio-  The gear ratio that this product uses is 6:3:1 making it a low gear ratio. This provides a greater acceleration over other high end reeling gears. This also gives a strong drag power.
  • Corrosion resistant – The corrosion resistant technology gives  it an edge over other products making it useful in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.The stainless steel ball bearing on both the sides make it an effective product for first time users.
  • Adjustable braking system – Its adjustable magnetic braking system gives its user full control over the fishing reel. This also eliminates backlash and gives the fisherman complete and effective control during its session.


  • Difficult for non users- It might come as a difficult task if you are not a user of baitcasting reels as it uses technology that only experienced fishermen would know.
  • Gear turning – Turning its gear can also come out as a problem if they are not experienced with baitcasting reels.


After going through and reading about different fishing gears available in the market, it has occurred to me that this industry is thriving as many people are considering it as a sport and not a leisure activity any more. Although this can be opened to debate, many reels, tools or better say, fishing gear manufacturers are experimenting and innovating different technologies to provide their customers with the best fishing experience.

While researching and reviewing, the brand , different technology, ball bearing , budget were considered. Any fishermen or enthusiasts take these notes when they think of buying new gear. All these make a huge difference and only a brand loyalist would know and prefer a particular brand over others even if it’s priced higher than its competitors. 

Anyone who knows fishing knows that the popularity of it has increased and so there are a lot of things and notes to consider when buying a gear. Buying a perfect fishing equipment which doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket and also high end might come as a difficult task but reading reviews can be a helpful option. Therefore , there are some reviews which not only give authentic information but also suggest the next best option or substitute products which are affordable and durable.

Although there are many speculations surrounding that only expensive and high end fishing gears provide the best experience this might not be true on many levels. Best gear does not completely depend on the pricing structure but also reasonable and home grown technologies that are used to provide the best experience. Whenever you are considering buying fishing equipment, always remember to go for the technology and the brand and not the price as it might be a disappointment later.

To avoid these reading authentic reviews and asking experts might come handy. Experts can guide you to buy the best product available in the market which will be both affordable and has all the technologies needed for a perfect fishing gear. This is possible because they become the opinion leaders and guide others to buy the best available product.Online reviews nowadays are also making the rounds and have become a new customer touchpoint when considering laying hands on any new product.

It is for the consumers to see which website fits their preferences and guide them through a smooth online or offline purchase of a particular product. Lastly, all these reviews have been placed after reading through authentic websites and are strictly personal to the writer and this might considerably differ from other people reviewing it.

It entirely depends on the consumer’s choice which brand they want to go forward with. It’s just that reviews and notes are a light push to guide them to buy the best product for themselves, hence creating an array of engagement listings. Many of the popular sites use listicles as a technique to attract customers who are looking for a particular type or say kind of product online.

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