Best 2 Piece Spinning Rods Reviewed of 2020

Regardless of whether you’re a novice in the world of fishing or a seasoned angler, having an inappropriate angling gear can absolutely demolish your day on the water. There are different kinds of angling bars out there. Be that as it may, spinning poles are quite famous. Their simple way of use makes them extraordinary for experienced fishermen as well as for fledglings taking up this sport. They are additionally powerful as they help you cast with control.

Therefore, you ought to pick the correct spinning bar to make the most out of your angling endeavor. These bars are the most ideal approach to begin with as they’re enjoyable to angle with, simple to ace and use, adaptable, and easy to cast.

We know picking the ideal spinning rod is somewhat harder than what we envision. That is on the grounds that there are a huge number of spinning poles out there and picking a suitable one can be a bit testing. To help you settle on an educated decision, we have reviewed the best 2 piece spinning rods.

Best 2 Piece Spinning Rods- Which One To Purchase?

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod (Versaltality)

best 2 piece spinning rods

The Perigee II is made with quality parts to offer incredible angling performance at a reasonable cost. It comes with two spinning rods with varied strength. The development and flexibility of its twin-tip also sticks out. It is lightweight and made of carbon fiber and graphite.

Having the novel Fuji O-ring, this spinning rod guarantees that your angling line doesn’t crack in a battle with the most contentious of fish. It is perfect for the ones who look for versatility and flexibility during angling. As such, this turning bar permits you to trade rods to suit your angling technique.


  • This rod has twin tips for various activities and flexibility
  • It is lightweight, well balanced and consists a hook or snare holder
  • It is perfectly and imaginatively structured with an advanced touch
  • Lifetime guarantee of twin tips is a great advantage
  • It is structured with hi tech segments, for example, the Fuji O-rings


  • Its grip may feel small to some anglers
  • It has an EVA foam on the handle which may not be as solid as the one with a cork grip

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod (Durable)

This is basically a profoundly solid yet entirely compact spinning rod that works great in terms of weight and affectability. St. Croix Triumph is built with graphite and a carbon wrap. It has its quality upheld with a twofold layer of Flex Coats to guarantee that it’s appropriate for even the hardest of angling conditions.

The sensitive tip and cork grasp make the rod profoundly useful. This is a sturdy turning pole that can catch the biggest or hardest of fish. It might be constrained as far as length is concerned, however this can be useful in case you can’t manage longer bars. Consider it in the event that you’ll be spending a ton of your time in difficult waterways.


  • The rod is ideal for harsh water environments
  • It is delicate in any event, especially when a little fish is on the line
  • The line guides are likewise entirely tough
  • Its twin Flex-coat finish makes the rod long lasting
  • It is exceptionally practical


  • It comes in four pieces which may make assembling troublesome
  • It may not be affordable for some anglers
  • You may find the rod quite short

Cadence Spinning Rod (Portable)

Cadence is known for its usefulness or sturdiness. This is an ideal spinning bar that functions admirably in different angling conditions. It’s amazingly lightweight which implies that it is easy to transport and you shouldn’t have any issues carrying it during your angling trips. Interestingly, its heaviest variation weighs at 4 pounds.

Despite its lightweight, it is intended to get even the heaviest of fish. Actually, its stainless steel eyelets are exceptionally structured with SIR supplements to help lessen the friction without influencing the bar’s affectability. All things considered, the chances of your line breaking during unpleasant conditions are low.

It is the one of the most compact spinning rods accessible in the angling market due to its carbon-fiber structure and lightweight highlights. What’s more, the producer makes a commendable donation for each pole purchased.


  • The rod is lightweight and sensitive
  • It can get a wide range of fish
  • The line guides are remarkable and sturdy
  • It is long lasting


  • The reel seat may be loose
  • The rod comes with a short warranty

Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod (Best Action)

Shimano is a well-known brand in the angling business. This pole may be one of your optimal picks on the off chance that you’ve been searching for something that will assist you with landing fish easily. Some anglers prefer not to battle the fish for a long time and need something that reels it fast. Also, its medium force works impeccably not to overwhelm your snares sets when the fish lands.

Shimano Solora 2 has a full-length cork hold to give you space for change when you need to get fish with an insignificant battle. For doing so, this spinning rod might be ideal as it is generally known for its quick action that would ensure you to pull in your catch rapidly.


  • This rod is sturdy and durable
  • It has a reputation for fast action
  • The cork grasp offers a full-length alteration
  • It is quite reasonable
  • It has twin tip for adaptability


  • It has limited sizes and weights
  • You may find the real seat demanding

Entsport Sirius 2-Piece Spinning Rod (Sleekest Rod)

Basically, this is a lightweight and solid bar that is a blend of solidness and exquisiteness. For some anglers, fishing is something to divert them from their day by day bothers. They consider it a hobby and wish to own one of the best rods.

In case you are one of them, then this rod might be perfect for you in terms of performance and quality. Notwithstanding its smoothness, this medium power pole is solid and has a tough development that works great.


  • The rod has rust proof stainless steel line guides
  • It is reliable, sturdy and reasonably priced
  • It provides medium light to medium heavy action
  • It is built with a carbon blank development


  • Some anglers do not prefer its shading splashes
  • The reel seat may seem modest

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod (Value for Money)

On the off chance that you’ve been searching for a great turning bar yet can’t afford the more expensive Shakespeare rod, the GX2 offered by the same brand might be the correct choice for you. This rod offers incredible features at a reasonable cost.

Despite being lightweight, it’s truly tough and durable. It is lightweight, intense, delicate, and sturdy. This turning pole comes in 23 varieties and will serve you effectively for a long time.


  • It is intended for quality and affectability
  • The rod is solid and well-balanced due to its fiberglass and graphite built
  • It is easy to assemble and comes at a reasonable cost 
  • It is composed of modern and long lasting segments
  • Seven year warranty is a plus point


  • Some anglers find the lock system flawed
  • You may face some issues with eyelets not working with braided lines
  • It has an EVA foam handle which may not be entirely sturdy

KastKing Royale Legend (For Different Lures)

Known for its reasonable cost, affectability and power action this is a fantastic rod that works impeccably with a wide range of draws and baits. It provides the kind of flexibility that you want in your pole.

Anglers need to search the absolute best traps and draws for fish. All things considered, this is difficult as what works today may not work the next day. So it is essential to have an assortment of baits and lures in your fishing box.

Be that as it may, in order to them well, you may consider buying the KastKing Royale Legend spinning rod.


  • Kastking is ideal for getting a wide range of fish
  • It is super sensitive and has a smooth force
  • It focuses on various significant angling subtleties
  • This rod is ideal for all waterways
  • It can be utilized with a wide range of draws and snares
  • It comes at a reasonable cost


  • The rod’s tip isn’t that tough and may break easily

Factors To Consider Before Buying A 2 Piece Spinning Rod

Before investing your money and buying a two piece spinning rod, there are various points to keep in mind. These are as follows:

Material Used

Turning poles are produced with a variety of materials like fiberglass, graphite and so on. They have different characteristics. For instance, fiberglass is very difficult to crush, hence less delicate. Graphite bars are very light, therefore exceptionally delicate. And bars made of composite materials are a cross breed of both the fiberglass and graphite materials.


The 2 piece turning poles are simple to operate so you can manage it even with wet and cold hands. Keep an eye on the length of the handle to check whether it is the correct one. Always remember to buy one which is easy to assemble without any complications.

You will likewise need to keep an eye on its strength. One which has support is furnished with more quality and the one without support will undoubtedly twist, become free or even separate. At last, consider if the assembled rod is appropriate for your angling needs and inclinations. On the off chance that it is not, then do not buy it.


Medium action rods will come in various sizes and heaps of lines to offer you more control while catching large fishes in the waters. In case the bar is extravagantly firm, it will not flex. You may go for the one that twists the aggregate of the space of the bar. Besides, a rod that bends in the middle like a medium action bar, is a right pick for some anglers.

Length Of The Rod

The length of the spinning rod will rely upon the spot you intend to angle in. In case you are angling in a large waterbody, then you would use a long rod. In the event that you are angling in a little waterbody, then you will have to use a shorter and versatile rod.

Therefore, you have to take into account the pros and cons of short and long rods. Short ones are exact as they will in general catch the fish with accuracy. You need to move with the bar starting with one area then onto the next to cover a more extensive territory.

And longer rods spread over a more extensive region during angling. The significant obstacle is the absence of exactness. A great deal of fish might be sliding through.

Guarantee And Accessibility Of Spare Parts

Spinning rods just like others can have deformations, breakdowns or wearing out. And in case they do it before the expected time, then warranties help in extending their time. While some companies offer warranties up to a half year, others could go as long as a year or two. Thoroughly check the period covered and also the time taken for substitution or fixes to be finished.

Also, ensure which parts are covered in warranty. Wearable parts are usually excluded. With regards to the accessibility of the spares, make sure whether they are found in the region close to you or not. Check whether they can be sourced locally or they must be outsourced from different areas. Check that the extras accessible are genuine and not the reused ones, which can’t last long.


Keep in check the strength and quality of the bar. This factor decides the kind of angling endeavor that you are in. To catch bigger and heavier fish, you will require a powerful rod. Try not to endeavor to toss light powered bars where heavy fish are found. Otherwise, there are more chances to break the rod.

It is imperative to secure one that has more force for more proficiency. If you angle only in a region where just little fishes are discovered, then you may not require a powerful spinning rod.


The sort of fish that you intend to get will also help in picking an ideal spinning rod. A rod that has a sheer line will be awesome for little trout angling, and a typical line rod will be better for getting more prominent trout. For getting a greater fish like salmon, you will pick a significant or medium line rod.


You should take note of the fact that purchasing a rod that isn’t right, will cause you troubles. Practically identical materials are utilized in assembling Spinning Rods. Along these lines, if you intend to consistently use your rod for an entire day, then it is ideal to get one which is not heavy in weight. That would ensure you an energizing angling experience.  

With research and information, purchasing the best 2 piece spinning rod to meet your angling requirements becomes easy. Consider all the above factors and you are good to go to choose an appropriate weight, strength, and length. You can even assemble a flexible apparatus if you are experienced.

This is our review of the best spinning rods. Mulling over a couple of alternatives, you may have no issue choosing an appropriate pole for yourself. All things considered, an incredible turning bar can be the distinction between returning home with a trophy catch and completion the day flat broke.

Happy Buying!

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